Social Program

A social programme is being prepared for Thursday and Friday afternoon. This includes excursion (museums, Aizanoi, Phryian valley etc.) and a conference banquet on Friday evening. All participants will full enjoy the artistic, naturalistic and gastronomic treasures of Kutahya. A social programme for accompanying persons will also be organized.

Most people are familiar with the stunning Cappadocian landscape, but far fewer visit the almost equally beautiful Phrygian Valley (Frig Vadisi) in western Anatolia even though it harbours the finest relics of the lost civilization of King Midas, the king with the famous golden touch.

The Phrygian Valley is not really so much one valley as an area spread out between Seyitgazi, Kütahya and Afyon, with its focal point at Midas Şehri (Yazılıkaya village). This was the heartland of the Phrygians, an Indo-European people who seem to have moved into Anatolia from Thrace c.1200 BC and who flourished especially in the seventh and sixth centuries BC.

After visiting Midas Şehri you should divert west to drowsy little Kümbet to see the fine Arslan Kaplan Kümbet.

Eventually you will wind up in Ayazini, once the rock-cut settlement of Metropolis, where forgotten Cappadocian-style churches have been carved out of the rock.

The best thing about a drive through the Phrygian Valley is getting the feeling that you are making discoveries of your own. There are many more sites dotted about than are mentioned here - to do justice to the area it’s best to set aside at least two days, basing yourself in Eskişehir or Kütahya for the first night and Afyon for the second.

To see the area at its glorious best, time your trip for late May/early June when the surrounding fields will be awash with fragile purple and white poppies.

NOTE: It will be very convenient for our guests who will participate in the excursion program on the 18 -19th July 2019 afternoon to bring sport shoes and sports clothes. (Optional)

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